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Kat in her studio in Valencia

Kat Leimner is an abstract artist and painter from Berlin, living in Valencia, Spain. Art has been a big part of her life since she was a little girl. 

Kat's Dad used to sew his own pants and her grandfather was a guitar player in a popular band in the former political East Germany. From early ages Kat's passions rooted in the arts. She sang in a choir and played several instruments, danced ballet, modern jazz and later became a yoga instructor, traveling the world teaching.


In her years of art school in Berlin Kat started expressing her artistic soul using different media. She had a  fascination for collage art and felt a strong passion for the idea to recreate visual stories and give them a new meaning.

Today her creations are intuitive and strongly influenced by her emotions and former life in Berlin, a place she feels a love-hate relationship towards, and then again by the sweetness of living by the sea in Spain of today.


Kat's art is strongly driven by her internal feelings, telling visual stories through colours and shapes. For the artist it is an act of  freedom to express herself  in whatever form she wants. 

Kat is currently working as a freelance UXUI Designer and part time artist in her art studio and gallery in Valencia, Spain.

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